My life experience has taught me that a peaceful and grounded environment enables people to reach into themselves for strength and wisdom they had not previously tapped. During the highly volatile and emotionally charged birth experience, I work with parents to create the best possible birth environment. I believe that each family has an individual vision of what the ideal birth should be, and during prenatal visits I encourage parents to clarify their own desires so that they feel empowered to participate to their fullest in the delivery. As a doula it is my role to provide as much information about birth as possible and to support the choices made by the parents.    I am the mother of four grown children and grandmother to five grandchildren. My own birth experiences led me to believe that there is an inner wisdom in women, which leads them to understand the birth process on a very deep level. It is possible today for women to explore choices about their delivery and I'm committed to making each birth the best it can be.
I am a DONA certified doula, an experienced healthcare provider, and a practitioner of yoga and meditation. I am also a certified HypnoBirthing instructor and offer this class series on a regular basis. Please contact me for more information on classes.


According to researchers, doula support is an effective, risk-free, non-pharmacologic, and inexpensive pain relief method that may be a viable alternative to epidural analgesia for many women in labor. Without the negative side effects and expense of an epidural, doula support offers the laboring woman a significant reduction in the pain of childbirth while also decreasing the chance for a cesarean delivery. Physicians, midwives, and consumers should consider these results when choosing obstetric pain relief.


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